Saturday, October 16, 2010


As you know yesterdays entry was about Kelly of Karmina. Today so I don't make her feel left out, it's Kamille's turn. There is a lot of nice things about Kamille.Kamille is one great person who I like. One thing I remember is when I first met Kelly and Kamille in person, Kamille came right up to me and looked up with a great big smile. I thought she was going to say " Wow you're tall."But she didn't. She gave me a nice warm hug. When I saw Kelly and Kamille in June, they made a birthday wish video for my niece and nephew. When my nephew saw it, he went "She called me Bubba" with a smile. The she was Kamille.The same day I saw them in June, Kamille told me that I was one of the most important things to do in NY. I sat next to Kamille at breakfast in June. I gave her and Kelly two great things I made, a photo cube, and a photo of them and I. She also held my stuffed elephant, Elmer. She got a great big smile on her face. I enjoy talking to both girls on both Twitter, and Facebook and in the streaming chats. Like Kelly, Kamille can cheer someone up just by walking into the room. In one of the videos the girls made, it was Kamille's birthday, and she wished me a happy birthday. I will always love talking to both Kelly and Kamille. They are like the younger sisters I never had.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Now as you know I am a leader of Karmina's NY Street team. Right now I would like to take the time to tell about Kelly of Karmina. Kelly is one great friend. She and Kamille (who will be tomorrow's subject) are very nice. Kelly and I get along well. She and I like to share ideas. I remember the day I first met her and Kamille in person. I was walking next to Kelly down the street to get my train home. I did some voices for her. She burst out laughing. She is very caring too. She told me to email her to let her know that I got home safe. I care about my friends whether they are hurt or sick and even upset. As someone told me, if Kelly goes into a room and she sees someone upset, she'll walk up to them and put a smile on their face. I also sent Kelly a bear for her birthday. I sent both girls some great stuff. I don't know where I'd be without Kelly or Kamille. They're like Guardian Angels to me.