Monday, March 29, 2010

The gang at Melt Sandwich Shop

Around the corner from my home is a great place to eat. It's called Melt Sandwich Shop. It's run and owned buy this funny guy named Bill Hall and his fiance Kristin Mulrane. They are both great people. Bill always says " I know you're going to like this sandwich". He also does funny stuff. Kristin is more serious. Today I told Kristin she looks like Jessica Alba. She liked that. I have been going there ever since they first opened. They have had a lot of nice people working there. People like Shawn, Jessica, Paula, Carlos,Matt, Nathan, Toma, Victor, and Chero aka Vladamir. Today they mentioned me in their special of the day. I even made two movies about them, One is called Melt Stars, and the other is just Bill and Kristin talking to Karmina. It's a good movie.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Miss Lauder and Africam

Today was a great day for me. Not only did my housekeeper come, but I heard from someone else from my old school. One of my favorite houseparents added me on facebook. It's so good to hear from her after all these years. Like my friend Rena Jones, I am also addicted to africam. my favorite animal is elephants. So I saw some today. Africam is like going on a safari but only from your home. I wish there was something like an oceancam so you could see whales and etc.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

my special nephew

Sorry I haven't done a blog in the the last couple of days. I had a pounder of a migraine the last two days, and I just have been busy the others. Todays entry that is something close to me

In case you didn't know, it was 8 years ago on Christmas morning that I almost lost my nephew/godson. He had come down with a disease called RSV. RSV is like the common cold to us adults and pnumonia to childrens. Thank goodnesss, the doctors and nurses in Florida knew what to do. He and my sister went from their home to the local hospital. Then they flew him down to All Children's hospital in St Pete. He was there until a little after New Years that year. He is a very healthy and happy strong boy now. We love him so much. I call him and his family every weekend.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Karmina CD Listen Party

Well yesterday was not much of a washout like Saturday was. It only rained a couple of times. But we had some thunder though. No matter what it didn't stop the Karmina CD listening party from happening. It still went on. Peter Thomas Zorovich was the first to come. A little later, my cousin Mike, and his beautiful wife, Elin came. We had a good time. Shortly after that the special guests arrived via computer: KELLY AND KAMILLE AKA KARMINA. It was fun chatting with them. They are such great friends. They both have a good sense of humor. One day I sent an email to Kelly telling her that if she wasn't a performer, she'd be a good advice person. She has cheered me up and made me laugh a couple of times. They are both great friends. A little later, Elin and Mike had to go because Mike had to go to work early this morning. A little bit later, the phone rang. It was my good friend and former co worker from FAO Schwarz, Sharon Perez. She called and said she and another former co-worker Maria were near my place. So Pete and I went out to show them which place was mine. We all had a great time. Sharon and I are going to get together again soon. I hope that maybe Janine can get together with us also. It will be great because, Sharon, Janine, and I worked together around the same time.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weather today

Today was a good day except for one thing, the weather. I called my brother this morning to see what time he was coming over. He was coming over to help me put my new computer chair together. I had brief talk with my sister in law. She is an angel. So my brother and his oldest son came over. The son wanted to play with me which was ok with me. He's a cute little guy. I love him. i also love the baby too. After they left, I went out to Subway and got lunch. I also got a smoothie to drink. Getting back to the weather it was horrible today, Wind and rain together. Thank goodness I didn't do anything else. So I just stayed home the rest of the day today.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

my blog award entry

This is going to be a short entry since it's the morning

I want to thank Rena Jones once again for the award.

1. I am the oldest boy in a family of four

2. I competed in Special Olympics in the following sports, Swimming, basketball,bowling,volleyball, and track and field

3. I am a leader on the Karmina NYC Street Team

4. I like to make new friends

5. I have a collection of autographs

6. I like to be with either my friends or my family

7. I am loved and or liked by a lot of people.

I would like to nominate

1. Kyra Kealey and the Karmina NYC Street team
2, Rena Jones
3. Karmina

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

good day today

Today was a good day, Not only did I hear from Kyra, but I heard from Kelly, and Sarah Beth Keeley today. The only little bad thing that happened today was news that I have to get a new dryer. The old one had it. One of my best friends, Peter Thomas Zorovich is coming over tomorrow. He and I are going to get some supplies for the Karmina CD Listening Party on Sunday. The people who are coming to it are Pete, my friend Jennifer, my friend Christine, my cousin Mike and his wife, Elin, my former co workers from FAO Schwarz, Sharon, Maria, and Samantha, and hopefully Janine. Kelly and Kamille will be there too but through live video stream. Tonight, my group, Westchester Coffee House went to Applebees for dinner. It was good. I had the double crunch shrip and fries, a glass of Pepsi, and a strawberry cheesecake shooter for dessert. We also celebrated Pete's birthday. His real birthday is March 12. Speaking of birthdays, yours truly's birthday is coming up soon too. 2 weeks from today March 25, I will be 43. I haven't done this yet but I would also like to thank a very good friend for helping me a lot. Her name is Rena Jones. She is a very talented young lady who is an author of kids books.

That's my late Uncle Walter with me when I was younger

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank you Kyra, Kelly, and Kamille. You are the best :)

Things have gone from bad to good today. Yesterday, an ex cyber friend did something that was uncalled for. It all started when I was a moderator at the Sarah Beth Keeley Forum called Keeley's Krew. When I got my new computer, I went to Keeley's Krew and I was not welcome there. I was removed and banned. So recently, I tried to talk to one of the admin's there. She did something that was nasty and uncalled for. She called me a stalker and told everyone that I was a stalker. IT'S NOT TRUE. Thank goodness Kyra Kealy (no relation to SBK) cheered me up. I also let Kelly from Karmina know about it. Just now, I got a nice email reply from Kelly. She cheered me up more. She said this to me and it helped me feel a whole lot better : "You are not a stalker, but rather one of the most awesome street team officers out there! And you are so appreciated by Kamille and me. :) I'd say just ignore whoever is making you feel bad. Negativity is not worth anyone's time....." Thank you Kyra, Kelly, and Kamille! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

great helpers

There is an old saying and that is Great minds think alike, well it's both true and untrue. because great minds are also great helpers. Take my friends Chris Duvall, Lee Tolbert, Craig Hale for example. I've known them since 1985, Chris since 1984. They all helped me make a tribute video to one of our fallen classmates who passed away recently. Another person is has a great mind is Kyra Kealy. She really is a sweetie. She has helped me work on the Karmina NYC blog. Another is my friend Tara, and my friend Rena Jones. Tara's helped a lot when I used to have an online magazine. Rena helped me start my own blog here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Photo cubes aren't easy to make

when it comes to Arts and crafts, I am good at making things. In the past, I've made a Santa puppet, a little plaque for my mom, and many other things. The hardest thing that I had trouble with is a photo cube. That's right a photo cube. Tonight I tried making a photo cube for the Karmina CD listening party I am having. It took a while to make but I finally got it done with a little help from Mr. Scotch Tape. it doesn't look bad though. Here is what it looks like before Mr. Tape helped. Hopefully the CD covers will be easier

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My emotions

For some feelings can be good, for others, they can be hurt but I have mixed emotions. For example when I come home from Florida I get so choked up I end up in tears. I even get that way when I say good bye to my parents if they are staying here and they have to go back home home. It happened once at my cousin's house. His wife, said to me, If you cry, then I will cry too. I felt real bad and I stopped so she wouldn't. Sometimes at funerals I won't cry. The last one I cried at was for my brother in law's dad. It was hard on me. Anger can also be mixed. Tonight I was angry at someone because she was telling me what I should do after it took me a couple of weeks to make a tribute video to one of my former classmates who passed away. She was even criticizing the song. The song is one that I chose and I got special permission from Kelly to use it. But I ended up ignoring the girl. The video is nice.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tribute to a Former Classmate

as you know I have been making movies. My latest project is a tribute video to a former classmate of mine who passed away back on January 27. I even got permission to use one of Karmina's songs for the video. So far it looks great.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

three great people

Tonight, I am going to talk about three people who really are great to me. I have mentioned them before here in my blog. They are Janine, and Kelly and Kamille Rudisill. As I had said, Janine is very special to me because of all the things she has done. Her family is so nice to me and she's like a sister I never had even though I have two sisters. She has been through a lot. She lost her last grandma over the holidays and it hit her so hard. Kelly and Kamille have also been very great to me. I am proud to be a team leader on their New York Street team. They made a video for me for my up and coming CD Listening Party. They are two of the nicest people I ever met besides Janine of course.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

places I've been too

Ever since I was a little guy I have always loved to go places. One place I went to which was cool was Lucy The Elephant in Margate, NJ. Another was the Ripley's Believe it or not museum in St. Augustine, FL. I also went to George Washington's headquarters, the statue of Liberty, Fanuel Hall in Boston, LL Bean in Maine, the White House and the capital in DC., and The World Trade Center. Of Amusement Parks, I've been to Universal Studios in Orlando twice, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney/MGM Studios also in Orlando, Great Adventure in New Jersey, Kings Dominion in Richmond, VA and Busch Gardens in Tampa, and in Virginia

Monday, March 1, 2010

Edward the movie maker

In Case you didn't know, I am also a movie maker. I made my first one on October 15, 2009. It's of the rotating musical Christmas Tree I bought at Hallmark. The second one was 12 days later. It's my elephant collection. I also did movies of my youngest niece, and two youngest nephews in my sister's famiy, a movie of my oldest nephew in my brother's family. The three most recent ones I made were of Karmina, the owners of Melt Sandwich Shop talking to Karmina, and a Special Needs dance featuring Karmina's music. One day I was bored and I played around with the first movie of Karmina, and I added special effects to it. I called it The Many faces of Karmina. It has them and I talking in slow motion, speedy, backwards, flipped, cartoon, and viginette, and normal. I thought it turned out good. It made me laugh too.

OH, BTW, I'm the one who sent the girls their caps they are wearing. I have one myself