Monday, March 1, 2010

Edward the movie maker

In Case you didn't know, I am also a movie maker. I made my first one on October 15, 2009. It's of the rotating musical Christmas Tree I bought at Hallmark. The second one was 12 days later. It's my elephant collection. I also did movies of my youngest niece, and two youngest nephews in my sister's famiy, a movie of my oldest nephew in my brother's family. The three most recent ones I made were of Karmina, the owners of Melt Sandwich Shop talking to Karmina, and a Special Needs dance featuring Karmina's music. One day I was bored and I played around with the first movie of Karmina, and I added special effects to it. I called it The Many faces of Karmina. It has them and I talking in slow motion, speedy, backwards, flipped, cartoon, and viginette, and normal. I thought it turned out good. It made me laugh too.

OH, BTW, I'm the one who sent the girls their caps they are wearing. I have one myself

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  1. Cool, Edward! My oldest daughter loves making movies too. I've posted a few on my blog in the past. That was nice of you to make the girls in Karmina some caps.