Sunday, February 28, 2010

Karmina CD Listen Party

I can't wait until March 14. The reason is I am going to be holding a party. Not your ordinary party but a CD listening party. It's a Karmina CD Listening Party. I first mentioned it to Kelly last week. I am having my cousin and his wife, some former co workers from FAO Schwarz, and some local friends too. My cousin's wife is making her famous chili. Why is it famous? She won the Chili cookoff in Rockland County. Meaning she had the best. She's a great chef and my cousin is great too. This will be the first time they came to my house inside. They dropped me off at my home once. We may have a birthday cake for my friend Pete too because it's two days after his birthday.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Janine (Miss Teddy Bear)

These two photos make me think of how lucky I am to have Janine as a friend. Not only is she a friend, she's a special friend to me. As I said in an earlier entry, Janine and I used to work together at FAO Schwarz. She would go out of her way to pick me up if I was running late. One year, I was sick and the manager said to me, why don't you go home, so Janine called my dad and he came and got me. We would get together after work a couple of times and go out for dinner or something. One time after FAO was gone, Janine and her family invited me to her nephew's birthday party. We had a good day. First we went and watched the nephew and others play at a place called Tumblebugs. Then we went to her brother and sister in law's house for ice cream cake. Not only did they celebrate the nephew's birthday. They also celebrated mine too. Little did I know was that it was also one of the last times that I would see Janine's grandma who passed away this Christmas time. When Janine lost her other Grandma, I took her to NYC to the premiere of Brother Bear. We also went to the Disney Store, and to the Virgin Mega Record Store in Times Square.

Friday, February 26, 2010

about my family

Now that I talked about my friends, I think I'll talk about my family. Starting with the matriarch, my dad. My dad is a retired lawyer who worked so hard for White and Case in NYC. He now goes out every Saturday morning with a neighbor and helps feed the homeless, gives them clothes, and just talks to them. He also helps my mom out at church from time to time. My mom is a retired nurses aide, Sunday School teacher, and many other titles. She now takes care of my dad, and also helps the needy. My sister, Annie is adopted and has Cerebral palsy, and is so far breast cancer survivor. She worked for B Altman's Department Store and the local newspaper. My sister, Mg is the oldest of the natural born kids. She is the mother of 5 funtastic kids ranging fro 15 to 5. She is a teachers aide. She was a receptionist for New York Power Authority, and also a Sunday School teacher with her husband. They and the funtastic five live in Florida near my parents. I am the oldest boy. I used to work for the best toy store in the world, FAO Schwarz. I also used to compete in Special Olympics. I have won medals in swimming, bowling, track and field, volleyball, and basketball. I also have been to some events too. One was a celebrity golf tournament. I met celebrities like Chi Chi Rodriguez, Bill Evans from WABC TV, and some other famous names. I also had an online magazine. My brother Thomas is the youngest of the family. He has his own family too. Two boys, and a very pretty wife. Half of my family my family has brown hair (Dad, Annie, and I), and the other half has red hair (Mom, Marygrace, and Tom). I also had a wonderful dog named Mischief. If not for him, I'd still be afraid of dogs. One other fear I conquered was the fear of the blue whale in the Museum of Natural History in NYC. I think it's because it's larger than life. I still am scared of big thunderstorms, hospitals, and going to a place where an ambulance is going. I don't know why but I am.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

my friends Part 2: Offline friends

as you can see so far I have a couple of celebrity friends. Now it's time for offline friends. Janine Galante( Genua) , Sharon Perez (Torres), Maria Mazzy Heredia, Samantha Garcia, and I worked together at FAO Schwarz. But we worked at various times. Christine Gaven, Peter Zorovich and I met through White Plains Recreation and Parks. Jennifer Coppersmith and I met through a former friend of mine. Craig Hale, Chris Duvall, Lee Tolbert, and I all went to school together. Kristin Mulrane, and Bill Hall work down the street from me at their sandwich shop. One of my favorite friend's is my cousin's wife, Elin McClure-Coyle. She is so sweet and caring. Another of my friends, M and her husband MM are so great to me. When MM had a small stroke a number of years ago, it hit me hard. He's a great guy and magnificent DJ. M is also rawesome. She's been a great Special Olympics coach to me as well mentor.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my friends part 1 : Celebrity friends

I know I made a video about this and now it's time to talk about it. The subject today: My friends. I don't know how to start this off but, I have a lot of friends. Some are so close to my heart I consider them like a family. Some are just good friends. Some are celebrities, and some are normal like you and me. Ok, here's how I met some of the celebrities. Nikki Stanzione, I used to watch on tv every day on a game show called My Games Fever. When that went off the air, I was wondering what ever happened to her. Then one day I was watching one of the weather channels and I saw her. I was so happy that I googled her and it gave me her link on the website. I followed it and it gave me an email addy for her. I emailed her and told her how I miss My Games Fever and I asked about two other things: an autograph, and if she could come by a message board I made. Both things happened. Sally Martin is a different story. I used to have an online magazine called Top of the charts. Every month I would focus on a couple of things, TV, movies, and music. One day I was watching Power Rangers, and I saw one star, Antonia Prebble. So I went to a site and asked about Toni. The person emailed me and gave me a link to Toni's agent. I emailed Toni's agent and the agent wrote back. When I was done, I sent the agent the interview questions and the agent replied. She then asked if there was anyone else I could interview. So I replied who else did she represent, she answered Sally Martin. I was like, You Bet! So the following day, I got questions from online friends and etc. Sent them. Sally loved them. Sally herself sent the agent an email and the agent forwarded it to me. The agent even sent me Sally's, Toni's and another star's (Nic Sampson) autograph. I even got to talk to Sally via chat. She was great. Like Sally, and Toni, Karmina was the same. I saw Karmina on TV too. They were on a Disney Channel show called Two Hour tour. It was like American Idol only better. When the show went off the air, I googled Karmina. Google sent me to their site and I clicked on Contact and sent an email. Their agent, replied and I asked about doing a chat interview with the girls. Then the agent replied a couple of days later and we set up a chat room, date, and time, When the date approached, the girls weren't there. So I sent an email and an hour later, the agent said they were on their way to the chat. A couple of minutes later, who comes in, Karmina themselves. Besides having the chat we had a ball. Kelly and Kamille are so much fun to talk to. I asked Kelly in the chat about getting their autographs, so Kelly asked for my address and I sent it and recieved thier autograph. Then in January of this year, the agent emailed me again after I emailed her and mentioned that I saw Karmina was coming to NY. The agent asked if I'd like to be part of their street team. I replied yes. Then an hour later, Kelly herself emailed me and was very happy that I joined the team. She then asked if I would like to come to a meet and greet, and I was like wow! I replied you bet. So the day finally came and we met. Kelly and Kamille have been so nice to me. Kelly and Kamille are two of the nicest people you should get to know. I had my pictures taken with them. Kelly also sent me a package for the street team and in it was a newer autograph. Tomorrow I will talk about other friends

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The way to this mans heart

They say that, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, well to me that's wrong. To me, the way to this man's heart is through video. It's because of a video that I saw this morning. My good friends Karmina mentioned me in their latest video blog. It was so moving that it made me cry a bit. Thank you Kelly and Kamille. Once again, you made my day happy.javascript:void(0)