Thursday, February 25, 2010

my friends Part 2: Offline friends

as you can see so far I have a couple of celebrity friends. Now it's time for offline friends. Janine Galante( Genua) , Sharon Perez (Torres), Maria Mazzy Heredia, Samantha Garcia, and I worked together at FAO Schwarz. But we worked at various times. Christine Gaven, Peter Zorovich and I met through White Plains Recreation and Parks. Jennifer Coppersmith and I met through a former friend of mine. Craig Hale, Chris Duvall, Lee Tolbert, and I all went to school together. Kristin Mulrane, and Bill Hall work down the street from me at their sandwich shop. One of my favorite friend's is my cousin's wife, Elin McClure-Coyle. She is so sweet and caring. Another of my friends, M and her husband MM are so great to me. When MM had a small stroke a number of years ago, it hit me hard. He's a great guy and magnificent DJ. M is also rawesome. She's been a great Special Olympics coach to me as well mentor.

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  1. Friends are so important, whether they're online, offline, or right next door. I've been blessed with being able to get in touch with long lost friends through both my blog and Facebook. It sounds like you have some great friends, Edward!