Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my friends part 1 : Celebrity friends

I know I made a video about this and now it's time to talk about it. The subject today: My friends. I don't know how to start this off but, I have a lot of friends. Some are so close to my heart I consider them like a family. Some are just good friends. Some are celebrities, and some are normal like you and me. Ok, here's how I met some of the celebrities. Nikki Stanzione, I used to watch on tv every day on a game show called My Games Fever. When that went off the air, I was wondering what ever happened to her. Then one day I was watching one of the weather channels and I saw her. I was so happy that I googled her and it gave me her link on the website. I followed it and it gave me an email addy for her. I emailed her and told her how I miss My Games Fever and I asked about two other things: an autograph, and if she could come by a message board I made. Both things happened. Sally Martin is a different story. I used to have an online magazine called Top of the charts. Every month I would focus on a couple of things, TV, movies, and music. One day I was watching Power Rangers, and I saw one star, Antonia Prebble. So I went to a site and asked about Toni. The person emailed me and gave me a link to Toni's agent. I emailed Toni's agent and the agent wrote back. When I was done, I sent the agent the interview questions and the agent replied. She then asked if there was anyone else I could interview. So I replied who else did she represent, she answered Sally Martin. I was like, You Bet! So the following day, I got questions from online friends and etc. Sent them. Sally loved them. Sally herself sent the agent an email and the agent forwarded it to me. The agent even sent me Sally's, Toni's and another star's (Nic Sampson) autograph. I even got to talk to Sally via chat. She was great. Like Sally, and Toni, Karmina was the same. I saw Karmina on TV too. They were on a Disney Channel show called Two Hour tour. It was like American Idol only better. When the show went off the air, I googled Karmina. Google sent me to their site and I clicked on Contact and sent an email. Their agent, replied and I asked about doing a chat interview with the girls. Then the agent replied a couple of days later and we set up a chat room, date, and time, When the date approached, the girls weren't there. So I sent an email and an hour later, the agent said they were on their way to the chat. A couple of minutes later, who comes in, Karmina themselves. Besides having the chat we had a ball. Kelly and Kamille are so much fun to talk to. I asked Kelly in the chat about getting their autographs, so Kelly asked for my address and I sent it and recieved thier autograph. Then in January of this year, the agent emailed me again after I emailed her and mentioned that I saw Karmina was coming to NY. The agent asked if I'd like to be part of their street team. I replied yes. Then an hour later, Kelly herself emailed me and was very happy that I joined the team. She then asked if I would like to come to a meet and greet, and I was like wow! I replied you bet. So the day finally came and we met. Kelly and Kamille have been so nice to me. Kelly and Kamille are two of the nicest people you should get to know. I had my pictures taken with them. Kelly also sent me a package for the street team and in it was a newer autograph. Tomorrow I will talk about other friends

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  1. That's so neat you've met so many celebrities, Edward. I've met a few too. It's fun to see how some are so down-to-earth and others have their noses so high in the air. Glad you got to meet Karmina recently!