Saturday, February 27, 2010

Janine (Miss Teddy Bear)

These two photos make me think of how lucky I am to have Janine as a friend. Not only is she a friend, she's a special friend to me. As I said in an earlier entry, Janine and I used to work together at FAO Schwarz. She would go out of her way to pick me up if I was running late. One year, I was sick and the manager said to me, why don't you go home, so Janine called my dad and he came and got me. We would get together after work a couple of times and go out for dinner or something. One time after FAO was gone, Janine and her family invited me to her nephew's birthday party. We had a good day. First we went and watched the nephew and others play at a place called Tumblebugs. Then we went to her brother and sister in law's house for ice cream cake. Not only did they celebrate the nephew's birthday. They also celebrated mine too. Little did I know was that it was also one of the last times that I would see Janine's grandma who passed away this Christmas time. When Janine lost her other Grandma, I took her to NYC to the premiere of Brother Bear. We also went to the Disney Store, and to the Virgin Mega Record Store in Times Square.

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  1. Sounds like you have some really good friends, Edward. I've been to Virgin Records in NYC and that's an amazing place. I also went to the one in London, which was just as fun.