Friday, February 26, 2010

about my family

Now that I talked about my friends, I think I'll talk about my family. Starting with the matriarch, my dad. My dad is a retired lawyer who worked so hard for White and Case in NYC. He now goes out every Saturday morning with a neighbor and helps feed the homeless, gives them clothes, and just talks to them. He also helps my mom out at church from time to time. My mom is a retired nurses aide, Sunday School teacher, and many other titles. She now takes care of my dad, and also helps the needy. My sister, Annie is adopted and has Cerebral palsy, and is so far breast cancer survivor. She worked for B Altman's Department Store and the local newspaper. My sister, Mg is the oldest of the natural born kids. She is the mother of 5 funtastic kids ranging fro 15 to 5. She is a teachers aide. She was a receptionist for New York Power Authority, and also a Sunday School teacher with her husband. They and the funtastic five live in Florida near my parents. I am the oldest boy. I used to work for the best toy store in the world, FAO Schwarz. I also used to compete in Special Olympics. I have won medals in swimming, bowling, track and field, volleyball, and basketball. I also have been to some events too. One was a celebrity golf tournament. I met celebrities like Chi Chi Rodriguez, Bill Evans from WABC TV, and some other famous names. I also had an online magazine. My brother Thomas is the youngest of the family. He has his own family too. Two boys, and a very pretty wife. Half of my family my family has brown hair (Dad, Annie, and I), and the other half has red hair (Mom, Marygrace, and Tom). I also had a wonderful dog named Mischief. If not for him, I'd still be afraid of dogs. One other fear I conquered was the fear of the blue whale in the Museum of Natural History in NYC. I think it's because it's larger than life. I still am scared of big thunderstorms, hospitals, and going to a place where an ambulance is going. I don't know why but I am.

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  1. Great post, Edward! I loved hearing more about your family. :)