Saturday, March 6, 2010

My emotions

For some feelings can be good, for others, they can be hurt but I have mixed emotions. For example when I come home from Florida I get so choked up I end up in tears. I even get that way when I say good bye to my parents if they are staying here and they have to go back home home. It happened once at my cousin's house. His wife, said to me, If you cry, then I will cry too. I felt real bad and I stopped so she wouldn't. Sometimes at funerals I won't cry. The last one I cried at was for my brother in law's dad. It was hard on me. Anger can also be mixed. Tonight I was angry at someone because she was telling me what I should do after it took me a couple of weeks to make a tribute video to one of my former classmates who passed away. She was even criticizing the song. The song is one that I chose and I got special permission from Kelly to use it. But I ended up ignoring the girl. The video is nice.

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  1. Emotions are a crazy thing sometimes, Edward. Doesn't help when other people try to put theirs onto ours. Hang in there, kiddo!