Wednesday, March 10, 2010

good day today

Today was a good day, Not only did I hear from Kyra, but I heard from Kelly, and Sarah Beth Keeley today. The only little bad thing that happened today was news that I have to get a new dryer. The old one had it. One of my best friends, Peter Thomas Zorovich is coming over tomorrow. He and I are going to get some supplies for the Karmina CD Listening Party on Sunday. The people who are coming to it are Pete, my friend Jennifer, my friend Christine, my cousin Mike and his wife, Elin, my former co workers from FAO Schwarz, Sharon, Maria, and Samantha, and hopefully Janine. Kelly and Kamille will be there too but through live video stream. Tonight, my group, Westchester Coffee House went to Applebees for dinner. It was good. I had the double crunch shrip and fries, a glass of Pepsi, and a strawberry cheesecake shooter for dessert. We also celebrated Pete's birthday. His real birthday is March 12. Speaking of birthdays, yours truly's birthday is coming up soon too. 2 weeks from today March 25, I will be 43. I haven't done this yet but I would also like to thank a very good friend for helping me a lot. Her name is Rena Jones. She is a very talented young lady who is an author of kids books.

That's my late Uncle Walter with me when I was younger

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  1. Nice picture of you and your uncle. Funny though, but I just ate lunch at Applebees the other day too. I've lived here over 3 years and it was my first time to that restaurant. I've only eaten at an Applebees one other time and that was down in Helena, MT when we were first looking at homes to buy. Thanks for all the sweet comments too!