Monday, March 29, 2010

The gang at Melt Sandwich Shop

Around the corner from my home is a great place to eat. It's called Melt Sandwich Shop. It's run and owned buy this funny guy named Bill Hall and his fiance Kristin Mulrane. They are both great people. Bill always says " I know you're going to like this sandwich". He also does funny stuff. Kristin is more serious. Today I told Kristin she looks like Jessica Alba. She liked that. I have been going there ever since they first opened. They have had a lot of nice people working there. People like Shawn, Jessica, Paula, Carlos,Matt, Nathan, Toma, Victor, and Chero aka Vladamir. Today they mentioned me in their special of the day. I even made two movies about them, One is called Melt Stars, and the other is just Bill and Kristin talking to Karmina. It's a good movie.

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