Monday, June 7, 2010

How Kelly and Kamille are wonderful to me

Have I ever told you how wonderful Kelly and Kamille are. They are so great to me. Even though we aren't related, I consider them like sisters to me. They have helped me a lot. Most recently with a good friend of mine named Erin H. Erin has a daughter who has a disease called Chiari or something like it. It required Erin's daughter to undergo a major operation. When people I know who have kids who are sick like that tell me about their kids, it makes me feel sad. So I talked to Kelly and she and I arranged for something to be done. I got Erin's address and sent it to Kelly. Kelly and Kamille sent Erin something. I also talked to Kelly about seeing if she and Kamille would like to help me celebrate Janine's birthday early since I will be away for Janine's birthday. We agreed that we would works something out. Since Karmina has been very helpful to me, and changed my life. I decided to do something for them. This weekend, I sent the Rachael Ray show a nice letter. Here it goes

I used to be an unemployed Sales Associate from FAO Schwarz in White Plains, NY until one day when I watched this great show on Disney Channel called Two Hour tour. It was like American Idol but better This great band named Karmina back then they were Kelly and Kamille. They had won it though. So the night after I googled them and it took me to their website. I contacted the person in charge and she got right back to me. A week or two later I even got to chat with Kelly and Kamille themselves in a chat room. Early this year I heard they were coming to NY. So I emailed the person and she asked if I'd like to be on their street team. So I said yes. and emailed her back. An hour later I got an email back saying that she would forward my email to Kelly. What do you think happened next. A half hour later Kelly herself emailed me and asked if I would like to meet them in person. So I said you bet. So on Jan 31, I went down to NYC and I met and had lunch with the girls. The Person who contacted me first was none other than their Mom/manager Robin Rudisill

Karmina's music is great. This one song, Light's On makes me want to dance. It's all about New York. It's on their just released sophomore CD called Rewriting Chapter 2. Kelly and Kamille write their own songs and perform them also. They were up for being nominated to go perform at Lilith Fair which is one of their wishes. The girls are very sweet and they have done a lot for me and other fans. It's time we gave them something back.

As for me, I am a former Special Olympian, I won golds in swimming, bowling, basketball, volleyball, and track and field. I even received a nice plaque from the former mayor of White Plains for all of my hard work.

So I hope it works that they get on her show. It would be good for them.

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